Mom shares 50 ways to upcycle old picture frames around the house

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably collected a few picture frames at home. And now that things have gotten more digital, you’re probably thinking of throwing them away. Now, before you do that, consider the millions of trash people generate on a daily basis. Adding to the number will just make things bad for the environment.

Instead of throwing away your old picture frames, consider upcycling them. Here are 50 really clever ideas you can use in recycling them.

1. A place to keep your ribbon spools

If you are into crafts, you’d know how hard it is to keep all your materials in place, particularly the ribbons. Without something to hold them in place, they can easily roll off and create a mess at home. As a solution, simply paint your old picture frame with any color you like. Add some rod brackets and slide some wooden dowels to hold the spools in place. You can find the instructions here.

2. Vanity tray

Source: DIY to Try

Whether you like collecting perfumes or you just like to keep your most-used accessories in one place, this vanity tray made from old picture frames will work for you. The best thing about it is that you can actually design it in a way that will blend in with the rest of your room decor. Find out how to do it here.

3. Accent to boring walls

If you have large blank walls at home which you want to spice up a bit, then you might want to create accent pieces using old picture frames. Get small jars and vases and use them to fill the center of your frames. Use a durable thread to hang and keep them in place. Oh, and don’t forget to paint the frames first. Get the complete instructions here.