#Look# 60+ Clever Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Life can be so challenging, sometimes we just wish it was a little bit easier. Fortunately, there are creative people in this world who refuse to put up with difficult things and the solutions they invent are so amazing that they save our precious time and effort in different spheres of life.

And everyone wants to make their life better, so settle in and read the 60+ life hacks that everyone should know.

1.Use a rubber band to grip a stripped screw.

If you’re struggling to get a stripped screw out of the wall, just put a rubber band between the screwdriver and the screw to make it easy to grip.

2. Fit two pizzas on one pan.

Want to cook two pizzas but only have one pan? Here’s how to cut them up to make sure they fit.

3. Expand your kitchen space with a cutting board in a drawer.

If your kitchen space is tight, try this handy hack: just place a cutting board in a drawer and voila, extra counter space.

4.Make a makeshift corkscrew with a screw and some pliers.

Have you ever wanted a glass of wine but found yourself frustrated because you couldn’t find a corkscrew? Just reach into your toolbox or junk drawer in a pinch.

5. Microwave two bowls at once.

To get two meals ready in one go, pop one bowl on top of a mug. Now no one has to wait for their food.

6. Mount pot lids with towel racks.

Pot lids are clunky and awkward to store. However, you can store and find them with ease by mounting them on a towel rack on your cabinet door.

7. Use a screwdriver if you don’t have a funnel.

Trying to put new oil in your car but don’t have a funnel? Just insert a screwdriver and let the oil run down the blade

8. Test egg freshness by floating them in a bowl of water.

Eggs are a fridge staple, but it’s easy to lose track of their expiration date. That means you’re not sure if they’re going bad. To test freshness, let them float in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs sink completely.

9. Press a shirt collar with a hair straightener.

The next time you’re running out the door only to realize your collar is wrinkled, just grab your flat iron and give it a quick press.

10. Supply a restless toddler with a box and crayons.

Toddlers can get stir-crazy if they’re trapped indoors. To keep your kiddo from coloring on the walls, give them a box and crayons and let them go crazy.

11. Use a pants hanger to consult notes while on the computer.

It’s annoying to crane your neck back and forth when trying to consult handwritten notes while working on the computer. To avoid this, suspend your notes from a pants hanger. You can also use it as a way to suspend cookbooks while you make dinner.

12. Remember that your fuel gauge points to the side where your gas tank is.

If you can’t remember which side your gas tank is on, check your fuel gauge. There’s usually a tiny arrow pointing to the correct side.

13. Use a shot glass to peel a kiwi.

You can do this with any soft, round fruit. Start the cut with a knife, then easily slide the skin off using the edge of the glass.

14. Make a quick grilled cheese in the toaster.

If you don’t want to dirty a pan, turn your toaster sideways to make a quick grilled cheese. Just keep an eye on it and clean it carefully (unplugged) to avoid a food fire.

15. Use a laundry basket for your toddler’s bath.

Tired of your toddler standing in the tub? Encourage them to sit with all their toys nearby by putting a laundry basket in the tub.

16. Secure shirt buttons with clear nail polish.

Losing a shirt button can mean unexpectedly flashing your coworkers. Keep your buttons in place with a small dab of clear nail polish applied to each one.

17. Leave a tea bag in your shoes to banish foot odor.

Sneakers are prone to getting smelly fast, especially if you wear them while working out. To keep your shoes fresh, toss a couple of tea bags and let them sit overnight.

18. Find a lost earring with pantyhose over the vacuum cleaner.

Small jewelry has a way of getting lost in crevices under furniture. To pick it up with no effort, wrap a piece of hose around the end of your vacuum attachment.

19. Hide money in an empty tube of Chapstick.

Next time you’re at the beach, don’t hide your cash in the toe of your shoe like everyone else. Instead, use an old tube of Chapstick.

20. Organize your cables with toilet paper rolls.

Cables are a part of life, but they’re also major tripping hazards. Keep them out of your way with a few toilet paper rolls.

21. Melt two pieces of soap together.

Is your last bar of soap getting down to its final little sliver? Just add it to the new bar, allowing the two to fuse into one.

22. Peel boiled eggs with ease.

Stop struggling to peel hard-boiled eggs by dropping them in an ice bath before you start the process. The shells will slip right off.

23. Put a special character in your password.

To make your passwords super secure, add a special character. We don’t mean something like %!&*. Instead, try a character used in a non-English language, like ñ or ß.

24. Make cleaning your microwave easy with a glass of water.

Microwaves can be a pain to clean as food gets old and dries out. Before you clean, place a glass of water inside and then microwave it. The steam softens the food residue.

25. Mark the edge of your tape with a paperclip.

Trying to find the edge of the tape is a pain. Make it easy to spot and grab hold of by sticking a paperclip on the end.

26. Keep your car doors safe in the garage with some pool noodles.

Trying to pull into your garage can be hard, and it might mean bumping into a wall. To keep your car doors scratch-free, mount pool noodles on the walls.

27. Use a shoe when you don’t have a cup holder.

In a pinch, a sneaker will hold a cup just as well as a cup holder. It’s better than accidentally spilling soda all over your seat!

28. Make sure you don’t hit your fingers with the hammer.

Are you prone to smacking your fingers with a hammer while trying to mount a photo? Hold the nail in place with a clothespin.

29. Use a frozen sponge in a plastic bag as an icepack.

This hack is perfect if you’re tired of your kids losing pricey ice packs at school. Instead of spending more money, make a DIY ice pack for super cheap.

30. Arrange your food to heat evenly in the microwave.

If you’re tired of microwaving your food only to find cold spots throughout it, arrange it in a circle. It’ll heat evenly on all sides.

31. Reuse pant hangers as bag clips.

It’s easy to accumulate an embarrassing number of these pants hangers. Instead of tossing them, give them a quick makeover to turn them into bag clips.

32. Line the bottom of the trash can with paper to prevent leaks.

The bottom of the trash can become gross from leaks that turn into mold. Make cleanup easy by lining the bottom with paper towels. You can also use newspaper for extra protection.

33. Use duct tape to open a jar.

Duct tape is a quick and easy way to open a stubborn jar. Just wrap a little bit around the lid and pull to avoid straining your wrist.

34. Use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet.

Coca-Cola has a long history as a refreshing beverage. But, it’s for more than just drinking. Its level of carbonation makes it perfect for cleaning the grime out of your toilet. Fun fact: it can also remove rust!

35. Put your phone on airplane mode to charge quickly.

Don’t have a turbocharger? Just put your phone on airplane mode to charge it super-fast. To shorten the time to a full battery, don’t use it while it’s charging.

36. It’s easier to reverse into a small parking spot.

If you’re trying to squeeze into a tiny parking spot, try going backward instead of forward. It’s often easier to reverse into tight spots without hitting the other cars.

37. Extend the range of your keychain fob with this odd trick.

This might seem unbelievable, but it really works. If your key fob range isn’t what it used to be, you can extend it up to 15 feet by holding it underneath your chin when you use it.

38. Use a dustpan to fill a bucket with water.

Trying to fill a bucket in a sink that’s too small? Instead of wrestling with it, just place the bucket on the floor and use a dustpan to direct the water into it.

39. Use a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies.

It’s so annoying to fumble through a closet looking for the right cleaning supplies. Use a shoe organizer over the top of your closet door to keep supplies organized and easy to find.

40. Use a can opener on hard-to-open plastic.

Some plastic packaging can be harder to open than it’s worth, and scissors are almost worthless. For a blade that’s much stronger, use a can opener and cut along the thinnest edge.

41. Shine your headlights with toothpaste.

As time passes, your headlights build up grime, making them less effective when you’re trying to see the road late at night. To return their shine, polish them with toothpaste and then wipe it away with a rag.

42. Differentiate your keys with a coat of nail polish.

Trying to fumble with your keys while you stand on your front step is so annoying. Make it easy to differentiate between all your keys with some color-coding nail polish.

43. Clean your faucet with a bag of vinegar.

If you have buildup on your faucet or showerhead, fill a plastic bag with vinegar, attach with a rubber band, and leave it overnight. When you remove it the next morning, you’ll see a shiny surface.

44. Use a squeeze bottle to make perfect pancakes.

Making pancakes can be a messy, complex process. To get the perfect pancakes every time, use a squeeze bottle for your batter. It’ll make the whole process less messy and produce pancakes all the same size.

45. Dental floss is an easy way to cut a cake.

If you want super-clean cuts in cake, bread, or other soft foods, don’t use a knife and make a mess. Instead, reach for unflavored dental floss. It cuts just as well and is incredibly clean.

46. Use adhesive Velcro to keep your remotes within reach.

Remotes go missing constantly, and it’s so annoying to have to take all the couch cushions off to try to find them. Keep them in the same place by using adhesive Velcro attached to your coffee table.

47. Keep your chargers in a glasses case while you travel.

Don’t let your chargers sit in your luggage in a tangled mess when you travel. To keep them organized and super easy to find, put them in a glasses case.

48. Light a low candle with a dry spaghetti noodle.

Trying to light a low candle is a quick way to burn a couple of fingers. Instead of using a match, light the end of an uncooked spaghetti noodle to keep your hands safe.

49. Keep pasta from boiling over with a wooden spoon.

You’re cooking spaghetti and suddenly hear sizzling as the water overflows. No need to panic — just rest a wooden spoon on the edge of the pot to stop it from boiling over.

50. Make storing meat in the freezer super easy.

If you plan to store a big pack of ground meat for a long time, divide it up and put it into plastic bags. It’ll be much easier to store, and you won’t have to defrost a huge amount of meat all at once.

51. Fix a too-short shower curtain with some extra rings.

If your shower curtain won’t reach all the way to the floor, you don’t need to toss it out in favor of a new one. Just buy some extra curtain rings and double up to extend the length.

52. If you’re traveling, buy one adapter and a power strip.

If you’re going overseas, there’s no need to go out and buy an adapter for every single device you have. Just buy a single adapter and a regular power strip.

53. Store your pot lids on command hooks.

Here’s another easy way to store your pot lids. Mount command hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors, then use as a shelf. It’s a simple hack that’ll only cost you a couple of bucks.

54. Use masking tape to help hang things on the wall.

Hanging pictures and other items on the wall can be tricky. It’s hard to tell if they’re hanging straight, even if you have a second set of eyes! An easy way to make sure they’re level is to put a piece of masking tape on the wall and then line the picture up with it.

55. Improve the grip of a wrench with a coin.

Are you trying to tighten something but your wrench is too big? “Resize” it temporarily by inserting a quarter into the gap. This will help you get a grip on what you’re trying to tighten.

56. Unclog your kitchen sink with a dishwasher tablet.

Do you have a kitchen sink that’s prone to clogs? Cut through the blockage with a regular dishwasher tablet. Let it dissolve in your sink with some hot water, then rinse the excess away. It’ll get rid of all the gunk in your drain.

57. Use vinegar to keep animals away from your trash.

If you have raccoons or opossums that have nightly parties in your garbage can, add a little vinegar. You can put it both in the can and on the ground around it. It’ll keep them away and stop them from tearing your trash bags to pieces.

58. Clean window screens with a lint remover.

Window screens attract a lot of dirt and dust, not to mention all the insects. To get rid of them, use a regular lint remover and roll gently over the screen. Repeat as many times as necessary!

59. Deodorize your trash with coffee grounds.

If your trash gets smelly after a couple of days, there’s no need to dump it before it’s full. Just add your coffee grounds to the top to cut back on the smell. You need to throw them away anyway, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone!

60. Start a fire with potato chips.

If you’re trying to start a fire while camping for the weekend, toss in a couple of potato chips. The combination of starch and oil is the perfect fire starter. Of course, you have to be okay with not eating them afterward.

61. Eating an apple is a good substitute for brushing your teeth in a pinch.

It’s not a substitute for actually brushing your teeth, but there’s a reason an apple is called “nature’s toothbrush.” It’s highly effective at removing bacteria from your teeth and cutting back on bad breath, so it’ll do in a pinch!